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Devon Suppliers

Here are the Devonian suppliers we usually source ingredients from, finding them of exemplary (and often award winning**) quality.  We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by these companies.

Meat, Stock Bones – Gratton’s Butchers
Cider Vinegar – Ostlers Cider Mill**
Cider – Sandford Orchards**
Ale – Otter Brewery**
Salt – Devon Sea Salt**
Olives – West Country Olives**
Sauce, Chutney – Otter Vale**
Rapeseed Oil – Bell & Loxton
Cheese – Curworthy Cheese**
Clotted Cream – Langage Farm**
Custard – Ambrosia (Premier Food)
Chilli, Herbs, Wine – Devonshire Pie Co

TBD Wholegrain Flour – Hele Corn Mill
TBD Butter, Eggs, Veg – Underdown Dairy
TBD Soft Drinks – Luscombe Drinks
TBD Vegetables – Dart Fresh
TBD Tea – Devonshire Tea